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Seven reasons to invest in Thermaiscan

1. You will be part of saving lives on a mass scale through a digital product.

2. Initial testing shows satisfying accuracy using our algorithm compared to standard screening methods.

3. Our AI- and thermal technology expertise is inhouse, meaning we can be self sufficient from idea to finished product.

4. By using a smartphone to find early stage breast cancer, we have a unique approach. We make it possible for health care professionals to scan women in various scenarios, without limitations.

5. We have put hard work in to developing our product since the summer of 2019 and are very close to do clinical studies before launching.

6. We have more products in our pipeline, all smartphone based. Each will solve a specific health issue.

7. The need for health security post Covid-19 will continue to grow. Our core product can be used in various ways for this.

If you wish to be part our journey towards an established global company, you are welcome to get in touch with us.

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