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Thermaiscan is a HealthTech company focusing on predictive medicine, founded in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our goal is to improve health for people everywhere.

If it sounds like a mighty task, it’s because it is. This is why we are working together with skilled professionals all over the world to achieve it. We believe that the most impactful ideas comes to life when combining competences from different fields, working together towards a common goal. Thermal technology and AI is our core competences. We combine thermal technology and AI to perform risk assessments, targeting specific diseases such as early stage breast cancer.

Using heat for diagnostics has been around since about 400 BC. We are inspired by Hippocrates, often called the father of medicine, who used heat to diagnose decease in humans. By using clay or fine cloths soaked in water and then applying it to the patient, he would then observe where it dried first. Hippocrates theorized that the heated areas was where the decease lived. Modern day technology have made use of this discovery and clinicians can now use thermal imaging technology to find many deceases indicated by temperature differences.

Thermaiscan build products and services that aim to provide equal access to health and wellness. Never cutting back on quality, we find cost effective solutions of great value.

Thermaiscan is collaborating with partners in:

Armenia – Technical partners and health care professionals.

India – Health care professionals via India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre.

Singapore – Technology Partner with AstraZeneca.

The list of collaborations is growing. Our technology can be used in many areas within MedTech and HealthTech. We are currently open for collaboration applications. Submit your request below and we will be in touch.

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